JB Law Group, PLLC helps New York residents handle the intricacies of real estate closing. Whether you’re buying a house or need to refinance your existing mortgage, a closing attorney can help your cause. As your real estate lawyer in New York, Joshua Botesazan can assist your real estate transactions from the ground up, making the closing process far less stressful.

Let Us Examine Your Title

During a real estate transaction, both the lender and purchaser need a clear title of the property. Once a real estate purchase agreement receipt has been procured, your closing attorney can examine the title being sold. JB Law Group, PLLC works alongside mortgage and bank brokers, assuring all information reaches the place it should.

This title examination helps both the lender and purchaser evaluate a title’s ins and outs. Purchasers need to identify a title’s restrictions, encroachments or easements. Similarly, they need to know if the title can be marketed and sold to a purchaser. Your closing attorney can identify existing mortgages against the title, helping you satisfy them during the closing.

Serving as Your Real Estate Coordinator

Real estate closings are long and complex. For this reason, Joshua Botesazan assists clients by creating trusted lines of communication. Your closing attorney coordinates many parties, including:

  • Real estate brokers
  • Merchants
  • Surveyors
  • The seller’s mortgage holder
  • The purchaser’s homeowner’s insurance company
  • Adjoining property owners
  • The county tax department
  • Home inspectors

As the closing process continues, your real estate closing attorney will get in touch with contractors, homeowners associations and other attorneys. JB Law Group, PLLC is mindful of the many issues requiring attention during every transaction. By coordinating with many parties, we work towards a timely transaction closure.

Your closing attorney can also prepare settlement statements, accounting with various parties to determine dollar amounts, dates and other details.

The Importance of Documentation

JB Law Group, PLLC prides itself on its communication. We believe every New York real estate lawyer should strive for excellence. During real estate closing, excellence exists when records are taken, shared and extrapolated upon. Then, they are delivered to relevant parties.

We can explain each of the documents involved in the closing process, including the deed, a settlement statement, a deed of trust and post-transaction disbursement documents. We understand how complicated the closing process can be, and we intend to apply a businesslike approach to the process to both simplify and enhance it.

As your closing attorney, we will also distribute money once the transaction commences. We review, and execute, the necessary instruments of a closing, checking the local registry to update the title’s details. Then, the deed is recorded. Your closing attorney will disburse any fees—and other transaction amounts—to include county taxes and real estate brokerage fees which are due.

Let Us Assist Your Transaction

A closing attorney’s role is a vital one. We intend to do our part in being the New York real estate attorney you need. Established in 2017, our firm has dedicated years of experience to clients, real estate networks and our community. Connect with a provider including legal secretaries, paralegals and receptionists. Simplify the closing process. From beginning to end, JB Law Group, PLLC streamlines the flow of information—handling extraneous details while helping you strategize every step.

Our secure network is available 24 hours per day, seven days a week. By being constantly available, our secure network is able to exchange information immediately. Our outstanding reputation is well-deserved: JB Law Group, PLLC excels in negotiating contract terms, closing transactions and helping clients achieve the level of legal protection they deserve. If you want direct, comprehensive assistance, contact JB Law Group, PLLC today.