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Joshua Botesazan, Esq.

Joshua Botesazan, Esq.


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Joshua Botesazan, Esq.

Joshua Botesazan, Esq, is a Touro Law School graduate currently practicing in New York. Before owning JB Law Group, PLLC, he was a licensed real estate broker in two of New York City’s top-tier commercial real estate brokerages. Ambitious from the start, Joshua Botesazan, Esq has since represented many clients. Quick, effective and incredibly skilled in his field, Joshua Botesezan, Esq proudly embodies the crowning attributes of JB Law Group, PLLC.

A Strong Foundation in Business

His demonstrated history of legal services is supported by negotiation, real estate due diligence and a strong business foundation. Possessing a Doctor of Law, Joshua Botesazan, Esq excelled in Touro Law School’s Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center.
His experience is derived of extensive knowledge about New York City’s commercial real estate environment. By handling all aspects of commercial real estate transactions, Joshua Botesazan, Esq has prepared himself for most situations real estate buyers and sellers face.
As a real estate attorney, his skills are ideal for the negotiation of complex lease agreements, property refinancing and professional consultation. Here, his values are present in JB Law Group, PLLC as a whole. By handling complex real estate dealings quickly, effectively and with great care, Joshua Botesazan, Esq protects the client’s interests at every turn.

Communication at the Core of Transactions

Communication is key, whether it exists during paperwork filing or a transaction’s closing. Proudly servicing New York, Joshua Botesazan, Esq efficiently handles offers, negotiations and purchases alike. Transactions can be long, drawn-out and complicated. Many of Joshua Botesazan’s clients praise him for his efficient, responsive approach to direct communication.
Always ready to answer questions, he effectively serves his community by saving clients time, money and effort. Joshua Botesazan, Esq can help you navigate a transaction’s problems—simultaneously serving as your legal protection. He keeps clients informed, every step of the way, to assure their understanding of any complex transactions is not only adequate—but complete.

Contact Joshua Botesazan, Esq Today

If you’re ready to engage a highly skilled network of real estate professionals, contact JB Law Group, PLLC today. Joshua Botesazan, Esq is here to help, and his time-tested-and-true approaches to real estate law, transaction closings and client support embody the spirit of a client-first environment. Contact Joshua Botesazan, Esq today for direct legal assistance, and query about your particular real estate needs to receive custom-tailored legal support, transaction help and counseling.

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