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About the Firm

JB Law Group, PLLC offers clients with incredible value: When it comes to legal real estate support, Joshua Botesazan, Esq. takes a business approach—contributing years of experience to his New York clients. As your New York Real Estate Attorney, Joshua Botesazan understands the industry’s many issues. His in-depth background, broad-ranging experience and problem-solving lawyering style creates the ideal environment to aid both residential and commercial real estate issues.


JB Law Group, PLLC offers legal advice designed to help clients achieve their goals, strategize their businesses and create new solutions. By investing in long-term client-attorney relationships, Joshua Botesazan helps residents navigate the waters of estate law, coordinating solutions which promote growth—rather than simple security.

JB Law Group, PLLC employs a full-service team of support staff members. This team includes legal secretaries, paralegals and receptionists—each contributing to in-depth communication, secure services and the exchange of information. By giving information to clients and third-party providers electronically, the JB Law Group support team assures no stone goes unturned.


As your provider, JB Law Group, PLLC helps you achieve a fantastic reputation throughout the real estate community. We represent real estate investors, institutional mortgage lenders and even first-time home buyers. Between guiding residents through the home-buying experience and helping commercial project leaders negotiate contract terms, we’ve seen it all.

JB Law Group, PLLC real estate lawyers serve as deal-makers, business gurus and professional mentors. By helping clients achieve efficient, cost-effective solutions, we help promote an objective-first business culture. We advise clients on all aspects of real estate, extending to contract negotiation, due diligence and practical advice. While we typically collaborate with design, financial and construction professionals, our years of experience have prepared us for a variety of clients—and a variety of cases.


Real estate includes a series of negotiations. Often, a skilled litigator is needed to oversee different processes, putting you into a successful position. Because real estate dealings are often complex, novice and experienced sellers alike may need constant support.

Joshua Botesazan, as well as the JB Law Group, PLLC support team, aim to help clients truly understand every transaction. Beyond assisting with regular litigation, we help clients safe time—and money—by streamlining paperwork, protecting client interests and creating new, effective solutions. Contact us today for more information. As your New York real estate lawyer, Joshua Botesazan is dedicated to each of your endeavors. To get the legal support you need, contact us today. We’ll examine your unique situation, custom-tailoring long-term solutions which promote your growth, sustainability and success.

Client Reviews

  • Mortgage Lender

    He has represented many of my clients. His attention to detail is unmatchable. He responds fast and has great communication skills. Most important he gets the job done 100% of the time

    - anonymous

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